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Welcome To CPI
Coconut Products Impex is a well established company operating since 2006 catering a wide range of Coconut Products. We produce products for the Erosion Control, Horticultural and Industrial sectors. Our production site is conveniently located in the center of the Coconut triangle in India and is enriched with a wide selection of coconut husk and coconut fibers which are taken in to our production process. Due to the fact that CPI is located in the coconut triangle, we are enriched with the best possible fiber in the world for our wide production lines. We have a highly motivated management and staff dedicated in ensuring that the best possible products and services are offered to all our customers.
Coir fibre is used as a raw material for large amount of industries. Superior qualities of coir fibre as a natural fibre allows more innovative industrial entries.
Coir based substrates are very popular among farmers because of its favorable qualities. Coir maintains excellent air porosity even when saturated and...
Erosion Control
Soil erosion removes the top soil particles from one site and redeposit in another site. It creates harmful effects to both sites. Major erosive forces are runoff and wind...