Open tops the stages of filling the pots and spreading the heavy pots in the greenhouse are avoided.We provide various specifications asper the our needs of clients.we offer these open top grow bags super quality with competitive price.High compression ratio maintains considerably high amount of growing substrate to allow good roots distribution and to maintain enough water holding retention capacity.


Standard size

25x18x16 cm 20x20x18 cm 25x25x20 cm 15x15x15 cm 20x20x15 cm 18x18x15 cm 18x10x11 cm


*The growbag has an air holding capacity of 20 vol.% at full water saturation
*stable structure
*customer specific
*OMRI certified
EC Value :Below 0.5
pH value :6-7
packaging :palletized/bundle
*unwashed and mixtured with chips or cut fiber can also be applied asper customer specification.