A great medium for starting seeds or propagating cuttings, coir is a biodegradable peat alternative made from coconut husk fibers, a renewable by-product of the coconut harvest. Used extensively in garden centers, plant nurseries and hardware stores. We supply nude coins and non woven cloth covered coins as per customer requirement in different sizes.

These compressed pellets are particularly convenient because you don’t need soil or pots. Just drop the pellet into warm water and it expands to several times its original, making it ready for planting immediately.

When the plants have grown to size, you can drop the whole thing directly into the ground or into a planter.

1 .Raw Material : Coir Fiber Pith(Cocopeat) 100% Coir pith (0.5 cm to 6 cm)
2 .Sieving : Sieved between 1mm and 6mm sieve Particles below 1mm rejected.
3 .Drying: Sun Drying and Sterilization.
4 .Moisture Content : Between 15 to 20%
5 .pH : 5.5 to 6.8
6 .Electrical : Less than 1000uS