salad & vegetable grow bag

Bio agri grow bags have become a popular choice for multipurpose growing medium for vegetables,fruits& flowers.Our bio agri grow bags are made of coco peat which is matured and double washed with rain and well water.Grow bags are made up of 100% coir pith and blend of coco peat and chips,designed to provide the ideal air to water ratio for hydroponics.our strict quality control ensures only the best coir products reach to our agri grow bags are an ideal organic base for all crops as it's natural,recyclable grows well in tropical climates ,100% bio degradable and environmental friendly compared to soil and other grow mediums.our extensive range of coco products can be custom manufactured to suit any growing environment and with the added protection of our UV protected packing you can grow with confidence that your hydroponic investments are well protected.


We use specially chosen particles sizes of coir pith ,coir chips ,and short fiber to create the optimum environment for tomato plants, depending on grower preference and local climates.Grow bagas for tomato crops are the most popular option,but we also offer products made specifically to your requirements.our unique production techniques ensure that the coir slabs are homogenous across the whole growing area to aid crop steering and irrrigation management.All mixes ,dimensions ,holes ,drainage holes and bags can be customised to suit individual requirements.

Pepper & Capsicum

Bio Agri Grow bags are popular with pepper or capsicum growers as they give a controlled environment for precision growing.The homogenous distribution of coir and chips means that growers will see even and fast root development ,leading to healthier plants and increased yields.Grow bags are dried and compressed to give easy transport ,storage and handling.


Cucumbers grow best in Bio Agri grow bag systems and can be easily transplanted as plugs ,or seeded directly in to the coir. An impressive five weeks to harvest during parts of the year sets them apart as a first choice substrate.Continental ,Lebanese and cocktail varieties all perform exceptionally well in Bio agri grow bag.A variety of coir blends are also available to suit specific requirements.

Aubergine (Eggplant)

Through a tailored blend and well-designed delivery method.growing Aubergines with bio agri grow bag provides a foundation that maintains crop balance and provides exceptional fruit quality from the first to the very last pick.Significant increase in individual fruit weight (density)and impressive yields at 30 kg plus in mid-technology greenhouse environments.

Available sizes

100x20x8 cm , 100x20x10cm , 100x20x12cm , 100x20x14cm , 100x20x18cm , 100x18x10cm , 100x18x12cm , 100x18x15cm , 100x18x18cm , 100x15x16cm , 100x15x12cm , 100x12x15cm , 100x12x10cm , 100x11x10cm ,
EC Value :Asper customer spec , pH Value :6-7 , packing :palletized /Bundle/Naked , Bag :UV resistant bags , Warrenty of bag :Asper customer demand.