Soft fruit grow bags


We have different strawberry coir mixes to suit grower preference and local climate.The specifically chose particle size give rapid hydration and a stable structure ,optimising the chances for re-use aiding easy uptake of nutrients from the feed.The washing and buffering process gives a very clean product with elevated levels of calcium to aid rooting in and promote healthy root growth and high yielding plants.

Blue berry

Bio Agri Grow bags,combined with modern genetics,can result in average yields as high 3 kg per bush in the first year.This can deliver an immediate cash-flow benefit over field-grown crops.The subsequent year's production can expect to be significantly better than soil-grown counterparts,by promoting bushes of outstanding quality,with strong,uniform plant development.


Bio Agri Grow bags in high tunnels can help streamline your crop through all stages of its can put an end to inconsistent growth,delays in achieving dense fruiting cycles,and high labour costs at harvest.with the introduction of long cane cultivation ,further productivity increases can also be realised using coir substrate.