Coir Mulch Mats are non-woven fabric of coir fibre. Usually supplied in rolls, sheets or cut in disc shape for easy spreading around the plants in pots. Mulch mat rolls can be cut in desired length for spreading around the plants and trees. Being pores in nature, they allow air and water to pass through, thereby not hindering the breathing of plant roots, and at the same time, effectively checking growth of weeds.

Products - CCoco Mulch Mat 
Thickness - 0.4 inch (10 mm)s
Unit weight -   2.6 lbs/sy (1.4 kg/sq.m)
Fiber Type - Mattress coir fiber
 Composition - Interlocked coir fiber by needle punch with sprayed natural latex
 sizes - Each mat has 2 in (5 cm) center cut and a split
 Available roll size - different sizes in round and square shape